Wednesday, December 17

10E2415: Bobo's Mountain Sugar | Gift

Today is National Maple Syrup Day apparently.

These wont last... flash sale, $9 half-pints of dark and robust (formerly called Grade B shoppers) wood fired maple syrup. From our VT neighbors Bobo's Mountain Sugar. The real deal. Shipping is $5 or free if you get 6. #getstuffed

Boston dwellers - this is the syrup used by Union Square Donuts for their maple bacon btw.

Japanese readers - get yours at the Burton Snowboards store; 5-17-4 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo.

Tuesday, December 16

10E2414: R Murphy Knives

Bar knife. $79.
  • Made from high carbon steel (1095), 
  • Blade is precision ground, hand-edged and hand-honed. By humans.
  • Blade is cryogenically treated. Sure it increases edge retention but just sounds baddass as well...
  • Full tang construction. Of course!
  • Triple brass riveted handle
  • Made in Massachusetts.

I love a good gift guide. Ton of options here from our neighbors R. Murphy. We visited them a while ago and it was the highlight of the year honestly. The shellfish knives are offered in wood or Murphy Green poly handles for a bit less. #stockingstuffer Unless noted, all knives made of carbon steel (see Julia Childs...). Owner Mark noted "They don’t stay shiny, but they do stay sharp!”

Visit their online shop now.

Clam (top) and oyster knives, $18 or $37.

Monday, December 15

10E2413: Powers Of Ten

A [film, then book -ed.] dealing with the relative size of things in the universe and the effect of adding another zero. "Travel from the edge of the universe to an atom in the hand of a sleeping man at a picnic. The effect is a spectacular cosmic adventure. The journey involves astronomy, biology, particle physics and much more, but ultimately, it is about size." 

You can buy the flipbook of same from the Eames store. The Charles and Ray Eames studio created this film for IBM in 1977.

Friday, December 12

10E2412: London Overground

Had a whirlwind visit to London - a few nuggets of info here. Visited an old family friend in the east end, by Stepney Green who lives in an 1899 tenement that is used for the Call the Midwife tv filming.

Kola cubes and nuclear soor plumes. Presents for the kiddos. If you know you know...

The big take away from this trip is that the Tube is, maybe not overrated... but you can get much more out of the city if you use the overland trains and educate yourself on the bus routes where ever you are. "New build" London partly due to the bombings of two world wars - but some fantastic older housing, now out of reach $$. Former bakery below now a residence.  

Southampton Arms (Highgate) looks throwback because it is. Many original fittings redone, handpulled UK ales and cider, and pork sandwiches (baps, that is on rolls). Amusing list of contact "emergencies".

In one long walk we made it from Holoway Road to Tufnell Park then all the way across the massive Hampstead Heath (had never been - amazing - 3 swimming ponds in summer!)


Quick stop outside John Harvard Library in Southwark (pronounced suth-uck for those just joining. Yes, same Harvard.

On last night stayed with an old pal in Peckham (south east London). No, not Belendam, as the real estate agents are starting to call this recently gentrified area; Peckham! One of the major problems with 'coming up' areas is the inevitable rising home prices and pushing out of established residents. My buddy (OMIL if you are a fanatical 10E reader) grew up in this neighborhood and since cooler than a cucumber HE has no issue being in a fancy pub, but notes with legitimate venom that the older generation are now without their old haunts, so become more and more isolated at home. This is a real problem.

We loaded up for the day at Crossroads Cafe, a good old workman's caf', with a full breakfast (notice you can add bubble - that is fried cabbage and potato - lovely). Did not go to Manze pie shop on other side of Peckham but OMIL has his chair there - as a vegetarian he always orders a veggie pie... you can hear a pin drop. HA! 

Monday, December 1

10E2411: Dave's New York

On recent trip to NYC stumbled on Dave's New York [581 Avenue of the Americas - #latetotheparty -ed.] Half full of Euros looking for rock bottom prices on jeans, and then construction workers looking for a snap-on hood or extra gloves. Fantastic. Got a pair of recently released "original fit" B01 Carhartts - though in truth that means the recent fit, as opposed to relaxed fit - which is not the 80s straight fit. Anyhow, 12oz duck unwashed, made in the USA, and plenty o' sizes. Have not seen these being crowed about online - good deal.

Wednesday, November 26

10E2410: Convenience Is The Enemy...

This post is now tradition, and have to say thanks and best wishes to all the readers out there [both of you! oh! -ed] and to the extended 10engines family. The east coast storm is certainly making travel inconvenient for many.

Rather than New Year's resolutions I am really going to try to keep feelings of thanks going forward. The idea of community gets thrown around a lot... to paraphrase another great Morris/High Life ad - what are you made of? What do you contribute? Have you volunteered 1 hour, 1 day, 1 anything since moving to town 3 years ago? You can help out. Me too, I can do more. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 25

10E2409: Is There A Turkey In Your Sitting Room?

On the basis that you always need a great title before you actually write the book...

Cartoon from The Message, circa 1978.

One of my mother's rural adventures in 70s Vermont involved driving to town with Old Tom clinging to the rails of the family Toyota station wagon. That white car would sometimes be splattered with the blood of butchered chickens at it was usually parked in the barn. Maybe Tom's move was an escape plan?? Words from Oma below.
"The wretched thing used to wander into the breezeway and start nibbling plants! After the unfortunate episode on the car ride [pictured, when turkey held onto roofrack for drive into town... it fell off past the dump and the Merrills phoned us to say it was in their bathtub...] it (the turkey) never really recovered and did not survive to grace the Thanksgiving table. At least I made it into the local paper."

Friday, November 21

10E2408: Fridays | Poly Tie Days

My job as a digital librarian does not require me to dress in a suit and tie. Hell doesn't really require any dressing up as work from home mainly... Treat it as a pleasure not a chore though and you will find yourself wearing a tie when travelling. Even with a cardigan it elevates. 

These straight 80s poly/icon type ties are great thrift shop finds, and always from oddball regional stores. This place Tech Tailors was in Woostah! Think it may have morphed into a drycleaners now??