Thursday, November 26

10E2490: Convenience Is The Enemy

Hope you create a happy family day everyone. Spare a thought for those reeling from the weather and worse...

This post is now tradition, and have to say thanks to all the readers [both of you! oh! -ed] and best wishes to the extended 10engines family. Cheers.

Wednesday, November 25

10E2489: History. AMIRIGHT!

I tell the interns all the time (and appreciate it myself too) - it is amazing to live in New England and experience on a day to day basis the sites and monuments and stories that other kids in America only read about. During this time of Thanksgiving holiday tales, and revised tales, Pilgrims and 'Indians' and Atlantic travel are constantly referenced across the States - but in New England you get to walk it if you want to.

Plymouth - as in ROCK - is a short drive away. So much history. Fantastic. Just words on a page to others - daily life for yankees (small y... #evilempire).

And speaking of Revolutionary, [nice segue -ed] we live just north of Boston and Paul Revere basically rode past our front door in 1775 (ok it was Medford but I can walk over there anytime...).

And walking the kids to school we pass markers of battles and more. Minuteman Trail on a bike - big smiles.

Over the River and Through the Woods (to grandmothers house we go)? That one? Original title A Boy's Thanksgiving Day, that was another (sleigh) ride nearby.

As another commentor mentioned, one of the best parts of living here is imagining the civilization that has trod this path before us--from Wampanoag in our backyards, to JFK at Harvard.


The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower is a historical fictionalisation of young John Howland's travel to the new lands here form England. Detailed first person account of life in the 1600s form busy London to Pilgrim-style living in early America. Suitable for the interns...

Tuesday, November 17

10E2488: Giveaway - Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh

The crew at Ursa Major have delivered on a long-time request, creating an all natural deodorant that really works. I bought a few during their kickstarter a little while ago and it has a nice minty/grampa zing to it. Made in the USA. Recyclable container.
- Eliminates odor-causing bacteria
- 24-hour protection
- Fresh, cooling aroma on application
- 100% natural & toxin-free (no aluminum)
- Non-staining formula
You can buy it right now at Ursa Major.  Join their email list and you get $5 off right off the bat. Boom!

GIVEAWAY - plus they are giving away sticks to two 10engines readers - today. Just go check out the product at on their site and email me the favorite ingredient they use. Or follow them on twitter @UrsaMajorVT and tweet and us both the favorite ingredient you see. Winners will be picked at 5pm - prize delivered for the weekend. UPDATE: Winners notified; congrats Stuart and Michael.


Friday, November 13

10E2487: Very Orange Work Gloves

Steerhide palms (like those woodstove gloves your gramps had), Thinsulate liner, and nylon backing. Slim fit. And orange as all get out. Made and shipped out of Missouri. $3 + postage.

Monday, November 9

10E2486: Hugh's War On Waste

This guy Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal is a British chef/turnedfarmer/turnedmostlyvegetarian. Anyway - he rails against food idiocy in many forms. He did a great thing on fish bycatch a few years ago - even got some EU laws changed.

His new one War On Waste focuses on supermarkets and home food waste (related to recycling a few ways). First episode is an hour so brew a cuppa. We know some of this but seeing it (esp at the sharp end at the farms) is pretty insane...

Pops has an expression, "Americans are the only people on earth that refrigerate their garbage for 2 weeks before throwing it away..." Many western countries guilty of this in fact - but it was not always this way... Happy Monday!

Monday, November 2

10E2485: Carhartt Cord

Great looking piece from Carhartt Europe aka WIP / whatever you want to call it. Sleeves and handwarmer of a Detroit and pockets of a chore coat. Cord double knees are still a unicorn, along with unwashed denim Detroit - American Classics in London used to have them (unless I dreamed them up), 25 years ago...

You can bid on the above from seller VanKits12.

Friday, October 23

10E2484: Rugby...

Long / short - you missed 30 days of World Cup Rugby (not like some fake "world" series that only involves teams from 48 American states...) and the finals are approaching on October 31. This is another neat primer on the state of affairs.  

NBC will broadcast the Rugby World Cup 2015 Final next Saturday, Oct. 31 at noon ET.

Friday, October 16

10E2483: Fridays Are Tie Days - The Old Boy Network II

Well, you know how it is when you're in some public spot and a stranger comes in wearing the old school tie. You shove a hasty hand over your own and start to sidle out before the chap can spot it and grab you and start gassing.

-from Tried in the Furnace by P.G. Wodehouse

Not sure why but I'm not that wild on striped repp or regimental (long) ties. Striped bow ties I like, and the crested ties look fantastic. I went to LSE (dubbed "Let's See Europe" by the American students) but can't bring myself to wear their gold/purple/black. LSE is a constituent of the University of London; their (Ben Silver'd) ties are v v tasty. Around $75.

In other great news for me - another alma mater in London, City University will soon join the federal University of London (UOL). City will continue to operate under its Royal Charter which will be amended to reflect its change of name and the titles of its senior officers as an autonomous college of UOL. That means I can wear either the tie above or below to reflect both B.A. Phil/Econ and M.A. Arts Crit. You want fries with that?